Bill No. 495

Overview of Bill No. 495

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes Section 237.080, the City of Mesquite is notifying business owners of a proposed amendment to the Mesquite Municipal Code, Title 2, Chapter 4 Liquor Regulations and Licenses, by amending Section 2-4-23, Origination Fees and License Renewal Rates to levy a semiannual gross sales fee in the amount of three percent (3%) on Beer, Wine and Spirit Based Products Off-Sale and Full Liquor Off-Sale Liquor Licenses. This fee would replace the existing gross sales fee and the fixed semi-annual liquor license renewal fee. The desire is to increase a fee that can be passed through to the consumer without unduly burdening the business.

Below is a copy of the Business Impact Statement and a draft of Bill No. 495.