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Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Committee reviews all proposed building, remodeling or rehabilitation projects within the Downtown Central Business District and the Mesquite Technology and Commerce Center to ensure each proposed project complies with the basic design standards in effect for each area.

The Committee must consist of at least three (3) and no more than seven (7) members appointed by the City Council, while the Mesquite Zoning Official acts as secretary to the Architectural Review Committee.  All members of the Committee must be residents of the City of Mesquite.

The City is currently accepting Public Service Candidate Forms from persons interested in serving on the Architectural Review Committee.  For information about the committee contact Richard Secrist at 346-2835 or

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Colleen Glieden Member  
Mark Haas Member  
Richard Secrist City Representative  
Ronnie Skurow Member  
Tom Henry Member  
Winter Delamare Member  
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