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Master Plan Update

The Master Plan Update Committee was formed to assist the City Council and City Staff by providing input and recommendations for the development of the update to the City's Master Plan. The update was commissioned to address issues that were not included in the current Master Plan and to modernize text and subjects that were.

The Committee consists of 7 members, one being the Director of Planning and Environmental Resources, who is designated as the Chairperson of the Committee.  The other 6 members are appointed by the City Council.  The City Manager and City Engineer serve as ex-officio members of the Committee.

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 City Manager - ex-officio member  
Bunny Wiseman Member  
Jacqueline Hart Member  
James Norris Member  
Janice Crouch Member  
Richard Secrist Chair - City Planning Staff  
Robert Stone Member  
Thomas Shipe Member  
Showing 8 items