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Master Plan

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Draft Master Plan Elements


Mesquite is a special place.  Strategically located along the I-15 Corridor between Las Vegas, Nevada and St George, Utah, it is ideally situated as a tourist destination. It’s dramatic scenic beauty, mild year-round climate, and master planned resorts make it a premier attraction for outdoor recreation enthusiasts.  And of course, the gaming and entertainment of the resort Hotels also attracts visitors who like to play indoors and out.

The City has grown from its pioneer roots to a community of approximately 18,000 people.  It is known for its master planned communities and recreational facilities.  And it has a vibrant commercial base.  Most residents share a desire to maintain Mesquite’s scenic beauty and small-town feel, while still welcoming quality growth.

The City of Mesquite Master Plan translates community goals and values into realistic policies and action programs that will guide decisions about new growth and development.  The Land Use map shown communicates the long term development potential of public and private property within the city limits.  Because the master plan land uses also regulate the use of the land today, the Land Use map operates as the community’s zoning district map. 

Since incorporation, the City has operated for twenty-two years under a single map classification system of land uses and zoning.  The single map system ensures consistency between the master plan and zoning districts.  It also promotes consideration of short and long term consequences when decisions about new development are made.  Amendments to the Master Plan/Zoning are reviewed quarterly to assess cumulative impacts and to comply with Nevada Revised Statues.

State Law requires that the Master Plan address: Land Use, Population, Urban Design, Conservation, Public Facilities & Services, Safety, Housing, Recreation, Seismic Safety, Economics, History / Preservation, and Transportation. 

The City is in the process of up-dating the Master Plan, and only following elements have been adopted:  Transportation; Population; Housing; Public Services & Facilities; Parks, Trails, and Open Space; Land Use; and Historic Preservation.

Goals & Objectives

The Mesquite Master Plan is designed as a guide to the attainment of the following general goals: 

  • Maintain the scenic, small town character and natural landscape of the community.
  • Wisely plan and manage growth in our community, focusing on high-quality and mixed-density development and preserving our small town feel.
  • Support a stable economy focused on business, tourism and clean industry.
  • Provide a diverse range of recreational opportunities to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and to enhance the natural environment.
  • Create comprehensive and integrated parks and a recreation system to meet community needs and to contribute to the overall quality of life.
  • Provide quality Public Safety services to residents, businesses and visitors to the City of Mesquite.
  • Maintain a transportation system that provides safe routes for people, goods and services and is consistent with the character of the area being served.