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Do I have to appear in court for my citation?

posted Nov 14, 2013, 8:47 AM by Mesquite Records   [ updated Mar 17, 2014, 10:52 AM by Tyson Kennedy ]
You are not required to appear on your scheduled court date if your citation qualifies for resolution without your appearance (see the back of your citation) and you want to plead No Contest or Guilty and pay the citation. The bail amount indicated on the citation must be paid in full prior to the court date on the citation and can be paid in person, via mail, or via telephone. The total amount due is located at the lower right corner of the citation. If bail is not indicated on the citation, call the court.  You must also sign the back of the citation (bottom of page) and return it to the Court.  The applicable demerit points will be reported to the DMV following the court date on your citation.

Mandatory Court Appearance:  You must appear in Court on the date and time indicated on the face of the complaint for any of the following:
  1. If you wish to plead NOT GUILTY on any charge listed on the complaint
  2. Reckless driving traffic offenses
  3. Fraudulent use of driver’s license or car license plates offenses: includes borrowing, loaning, stolen, fictitious, not licensed, or allowing unlicensed person to drive
  4. All insurance offenses, no vehicle registration offenses, no valid license offenses, and all non-traffic offenses.
  5. All juveniles 17 years or younger MUST APPEAR and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
  6. Your citation indicates that you have a MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE.