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Investigative Services Drug Division

The Mesquite Police Department’s (MPD) Investigative Services Drug Division works to counteract the drug trade and its influence on the City. Outstanding working relationships with federal and state partners and surrounding law enforcement agencies give the MPD access to additional manpower and resources to mitigate the drug trade within MPD’s jurisdiction.

Investigative Services Drug Division’s primary activities include surveillance, serving search warrants,seizing, and halting the production of controlled substances. Intelligence meetings are conducted on a regular basis with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to share information on known drug users and dangerous individuals.

Investigative Services Drug Division provides community outreach to educate citizens on the dangers associated with drug use. Detectives are available to present information to civic groups, youth groups, clubs, and organizations. Topics covered include drug and gang awareness, the effects of drugs on the body, and warning signs for determining possible drug use and gang involvement.

Contact Detective Sergeant John Woods at 702-346-5262 ext. 60730 to schedule a community presentation.

Contact Detective Bundy at 702-346-5262 ext 6148 to report suspicious drug related activity.

TIP LINE Available 24/7: To leave a confidential recorded message call 1-702-346-8826. Calls may or may not be returned,

Prescription Drug Drop Boxes

In an effort, to combat the illegal use of prescription medication citizens are encouraged to utilize the drop boxes to dispose of unwanted prescription medications in pill form.Vitamins, liquids, inhalers, syringes and over the counter medications are not accepted. Prescription drug drop boxes are located in the main lobby of the Mesquite Police Department at 695 Mayan Circle, and in the lobby of the City Jail at 500 Hillside Drive and may be accessed during normal business hours.

Please place prescription pills only into drop box and take the pill container with you.