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The Patrol Division is often the first contact many citizens will have with the Police Department.  As such, the Mesquite Police Department strives to provide effective, courteous and timely responses for all calls of service. 

We pride ourselves on providing our Officers with training that enhances their ability to solve crimes and defuse situations that may occur.

The Patrol Division is where every new Police Officer begins his or her career with the Mesquite Police Department. The experience and skills gained while working in the Patrol Division gives Officers a solid foundation, prior to advancing into other areas of Law Enforcement. 

The City of Mesquite is divided into two patrol areas, with Interstate 15 being the dividing line.  Patrol Officers are assigned to a specific area and are responsible for all calls within that area.  Assigning areas and having Patrol Officers remain in those areas, reduces our response time.  On occasion the Officer assigned to your area may be required to leave the area to assist another Officer.  

In addition to responding to calls of service Patrol Officers also enforce traffic laws.  Traffic laws are enforced to increase public safety and driver awareness.

The graphs show the average response times and the number of traffic stops made each month.  Response times are calculated from the time dispatch receives the call for service and the first Officer arrives on scene.