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Jon Osgood Named Volunteer of the Year

posted Apr 13, 2016, 6:33 PM by Kimberly Otero   [ updated Apr 21, 2016, 4:53 PM by Tyson Kennedy ]

Jon Osgood, photo credit Priscilla Steelman

Mesquite, NV –The Mesquite Police Department Volunteer Coordinator Don Woodmancy hosted the group’s annual awards dinner this past week where Jon Osgood was named Mesquite Police Volunteer of the Year.

Osgood has worked to enhance the volunteer training program with an emphasis on radio communications. Osgood’s prior experience as chief of state level operations in Alaska for a federal agency gives him tremendous insight on the value of training. 

Woodmancy operates the program in a para-military fashion and each volunteer receives several hours of training and must pass tests in order step up to the next level of participation.  “When Jon expressed an interest taking on this task, I knew the time had come to improve radio communications between the volunteers, the Mesquite Dispatch Center, and the police officers,” said Woodmancy. “Communicating professionally over the radio is an important step towards providing seamless support to the department,” continued Woodmancy.

Squad leaders Craig Christensen and John Stallone each oversee nine squad members while Woodmancy manages both squads and the five volunteers who serve the department in an administrative capacity.  Volunteers respond to non-injury traffic accidents on private property, reports of handicap parking violations, and they assist with traffic control on public roadways among many other duties. 

Chief Tanner commended the volunteers for the many hours they have served on behalf of the department during the past year adding, “I am truly thankful for the support the volunteers provide to the department and with the level of professionalism in which they serve,” said Chief Tanner.

The volunteers then honored Woodmancy for
his service to the program, and his dedication and commitment to the group, and to the citizens of Mesquite. 

The Chief also expressed his support and many thanks to Woodmancy for the time and effort he spends vetting special events that come to town. “When Don hands me a special event packet to review I know that he has covered everything, including proposed traffic plans. I can’t thank him enough for all he does for this department,” said Chief Tanner.



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