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Mesquite Police Volunteers Annual Report

posted Jan 29, 2014, 9:28 AM by MaQuade Chesley   [ updated Mar 31, 2014, 2:33 PM by Tyson Kennedy ]

Mesquite, NV – Mesquite Police Volunteer Coordinator, Don Woodmancy released the following volunteer annual statistical report for 2013.

Number of Police Volunteers:                 25

Total Hours Served:                                   5,704

Value of Hours Donated:                            $126,287

Number of Animal Shelter Volunteers:   37

Total Hours Served:                                   4,374

Value of Hours Donated:                            $96,841

Citizens Volunteer Patrol:

          Total Hours:                                     2,288

          Patrol Miles:                                     12,654

          Vacation Checks:                             1,047

          School Checks:                                283

          Business Alerts:                                51

          Handicap Cites:                                29

          Handicap Warnings:                          455

          Police Assists:                                  108

          Citizens Assists:                               16

          Radar Deployments:                         134

          Wanted Vehicles/Persons located:     6

          Subpoenas Served:                          100

          Parking Warnings                              11

The volunteers graciously give of their time, knowledge, and talents. They are an essential facet to the success of the Mesquite Police Department and Mesquite Animal Control. The services the volunteers provide make Mesquite a safer and more enjoyable place to live and play.  Chief Tanner stated “It would be hard to show each one of our volunteers the immense amount of gratitude we have for them and the service they provide. Nonetheless, it is important to me that they know they are appreciated, and on behalf of the Mesquite Police Department and the City of Mesquite, we thank them for all they do.”

Volunteer Coordinator Don Woodmancy is currently seeking additional police volunteers. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact him at (702) 375-1126 or visit the police department during business hours and pick up an application.