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Police Volunteers
The Mesquite Police Department Volunteer Program is composed of public spirited citizens who make various contributions to assist the department and, ultimately, citizens and visitors to Mesquite.

The program is led by a civilian Volunteer Coordinator. Squad Leaders assists the Volunteer Coordinator and lead squads of individual volunteers.

Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age. There is no upper age limit so long as the volunteer candidate is physically able to perform assigned duties. Volunteers must also be United States citizens of good moral character. Once accepted, volunteers are provided uniforms and equipment at city expense.

Our volunteers primarily conduct Citizen Volunteer patrols in specially marked city-owned patrol vehicles and also provide traffic control and pedestrian safety for special events, accidents and unusual incidents. In addition, selected trained volunteers provide handicapped parking enforcement for the city and may also serve witness subpoenas. One of the primary functions of volunteer patrols is to provide periodic physical checks of vacation homes to ensure citizen’s homes are secure while they are away.

Additional Police Volunteers are needed. Anyone interested is encouraged to call the Volunteer Coordinator, Don Woodmancy at (702) 375-1126 or visit th
e Police Department during business hours and pick up an application.