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Records & Evidence

The Administrative Services Division is the support for other Divisions in the Department. We are also the “face” of the Department when citizens come to the Police Department and need assistance. We are committed to customer service with our citizens and officers. 

We are located at 695 Mayan Circle, Mesquite,NV 89027
Evidence and Records Department personnel can be reached at 702-346-5262 or by email at

In case of emergency dial 911.
To request a patrol officer, or to report suspicious people or vehicles or any non-life threatening event dial 702-346-6911.

Monday -- Thursday
Open:    8:00 am
Closed:  4:00 pm

Open:    8:00 am
Closed:  3:00 pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday.

*2017 Closed Holidays* 
Monday, January 2: New Years Day Observed
Monday, January 16: Martin Luther King
Monday, February 20: Presidents Day
Monday, May 29th: Memorial Day
Tuesday, July 4th: Independence Day 
Monday, September 4th: Memorial Day
Thursday, November 23th: Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 24th: Family Day
Monday, December 25th: Christmas Day


The Records Unit takes care of accident reports, finger prints, work cards, billings, sex offender and felon registration, and all other clerical support services. Copies of reports can be requested by filling out a report request form. The forms are located in the lobby. 


Our Evidence Technicians keep track of all items of evidentiary value on all the cases that we take reports on, as well as caring for found property, such as bicycles, that are turned in to the Police Department. Those wanting to claim an item need to call the number listed above during office hours prior to coming to make sure that our evidence personnel can be there. If the item has been held as evidence in a court case, a letter from the prosecuting attorney is needed to release the item. You also need to provide proof of ownership so that we can release "your" property back to the right person. Being able to identify the item either through markings or serial numbers will enable us to make sure you get your property back. Bring a photo ID to verify your identity. All unclaimed property is periodically released to an auction company to be sold at auction out of our area.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Where is Records located and what are your hours?

A: Records is located at the Mesquite Police Headquarters, at 695 Mayan Circle, Mesquite Nevada.  Fingerprinting services are available during regular business hours. Our phone number is (702) 346-5262. After hours, you may enter the lobby and pick up a phone on the counter to contact the Dispatchers at ext. 6911.

Q: How much does it cost to get copies of reports or arrest records?

A: We charge $5 for a copy of a report. Fingerprint cards can be made for $10.00 a card or $15 per set. We accept cash only.

Q: Can I get a copy of someone else's arrest records?

A: Only the subject of the arrest record may get copies of their record, unless they authorize someone else specifically to obtain the records. Authorization must be written and notarized and the person authorized must have picture identification.

Q: Can I find out if I'm wanted?

A: The best way to find this information is to contact the courts directly. Because we cannot verify identity over the telephone, we can't release the information if you call. If you come to Records in person, we are required to notify an officer, and you may be arrested.

Q: How can I find out more about my case?

A: The detective handling your case is the best source of information. Call the Investigative Services Division  at 702-346-5262 ext.6073 and let them know you would like to speak to the detective handling your case. If you have the case number, let them know you have the number because it's easier to look up your case with the number.