Automatic Withdrawal

Automatic withdrawal from checking or savings accounts for the payment of sanitation service bills can be arranged by submitting a completed Authorization Form to the City of Mesquite (COM) - Sanitation Department.  The authorization form must be accompanied by a voided check (copy) or a savings withdrawal slip (copy).  Deposit slips for either checking or savings accounts will not be accepted.  Authorized funds will be withdrawn from the appropriate account on the 15th day of each quarter this will fall on (January 15th, April 15th, July 15th and October 15th).

Cancellations or any other changes to your Automatic Withdraw, please contact the Sanitation Department directly.   Notification of termination of automatic withdraw must be received by the COM-Sanitation office at least by the first day of the month that the termination is to take effect; therefore, allowing reasonable opportunity for COM-Sanitation to act on the request to terminate auto debits.

Authorization Forms are available at City Hall - Sanitation Department or use the links below to download the forms.  All completed Automatic Withdrawal forms must be returned, to the Sanitation Department.  Send all written requests, forms, or notifications to the the following address:

City of Mesquite - Sanitation Department
10 E Mesquite Boulevard
Mesquite NV  89027