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Graffiti Cleanup

Report Graffiti

The City of Mesquite has taken a proactive approach on graffiti removal. Upon identifying the graffiti, quick measures are taken to promptly coordinate the removal. This action limits the community impact and causes a deterrent for further incidents.

Reporting procedures: Any citizen seeing graffiti needs to notify the City of the incident. Proper documentation of the graffiti is vital for prosecution. If the graffiti is on private property, the property owner will be notified for prompt removal. The property owner will assume the cost of the removal. A Crime report will be completed along with the cost of repair. If investigation results in an arrest and prosecution, all cost will be forwarded to the court system for penalties and restitution.

Private property owners unable to immediately remove the graffiti and if the graffiti faces a public street, this poses a community public safety impact, the City will arrange for the removal and document the cost. (City Code 5-1-13).

Taggers generally like to target those areas of high profile, Freeway bridges, businesses and residential walls, city parks and structures, signs, light poles and utility boxes.

Help keep our community safe and clean from this nuisance.

Graffiti is not art, it’s a crime!