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Grading Permits are required for all grading, and any movement of dirt.

In order to obtain a Grading Permit the following items are required prior to submittal:

1. Grading Plans are approved and accepted by the City of Mesquite

2. All Bonds are to be in place and fees relating to the bonds are paid

3. All Civil Plan Review fees are paid

4. Nevada Department of Environment Protection Storm Water Pollution Permit (5 acres or more)

5. Clark County Dust Control Permit if equal to or greater than one-quarter (0.25) acre or trenching over 100 feet

6. All Grading Permits must comply with the City of Mesquite Conditional Requirements for Environmental Approval per City Ordinance 270 (07/29/2002)

7. U.S. Army Corp of Engineers 404 Permit (if required)

If a permit is required, this guide may help you through the permit process. A Flow Chart is also available for your assistance.

A Grading Permit Package consists of:

  • One Grading Permit Application with all required signatures and information including correct address
  • Two sets of approved Civil Plans or Grading Plans signed by City Engineer and Building Official (plans must be wet-stamped by an Engineer)
  • Two Clark County Desert Conservation Program Land Disturbance/Mitigation Fee forms (Desert Tortoise Form) completely filled out and signed by the Property Owner or Contractor
  • One Dust Control Permit (if required)

Preparing the documents

  1. Pick up a Grading Permit Application and two Clark County Desert Conservation Program Land Disturbance/Mitigation Fee Forms. A Nevada Licensed Grading Contractor must fill out all information and sign application and form.

Submitting the Application

  1. Bring the Grading Permit Package to the Mesquite Building Department, located in City Hall at 10 E. Mesquite Blvd.
  2. A $75.00 submittal fee must be paid when application is submitted. This fee will be applied to the permit.
  3. Plan review time is approximately 10-21 working days each time the application is submitted. Complete and accurate plans will shorten the time needed for review and resubmittal.

Corrections and Resubmitting

  1. If corrections are needed on the plans, the plan reviewer will call for you to pick up the plans. Plan Review Comments will be with the plans listing the corrections needed.
  2. Make the corrections and resubmit a full Grading Permit Package, Comment Sheet, and Sign Off Sheet. No further payment is needed for resubmittal.

Picking up the Approved Permit

  1. The Permit Technician will call when the permit is approved and tell you if additional fees are required.
  2. Come in to the Mesquite Building Department and pay any additional fees. You will be given a copy of the permit, approved set of plans and your receipt.