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Thank you for choosing to open and operate your business in the City of Mesquite! The business licensing office wishes to offer assistance with the business licensing requirements.

 Business License Application

Any and all individuals and businesses that seek to do business in the City of Mesquite must complete a City of Mesquite Business License Application. Businesses located within the City of Mesquite limits require zoning approval and a building and fire inspection prior to the issuance of the business license.  Please complete the following application to apply for a business license. For a complete list of the business license fees, please click on the "Business License Fee Schedule" below.   Payments for the business license fees are accepted in the form of check or cash. Credit cards are not accepted. 

Businesses located within the City of Mesquite limits, require a building and fire inspection prior to the issuance of the business license. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the business location is in compliance with fire, building and safety codes. Please complete this application if your business location is within the City of  Mesquite limits. 
To change the address to your business license, mailing address or name change; please complete the following application.  (Zoning approval is required to change the location of business within the city limits; as well as, a building and fire inspection. Please complete the Certificate of Occupancy application for the building and fire inspection.)

Please complete the following applications if you wish to apply for a Gaming or Liquor License. Please provide the Privileged License Background Application with the license application.  These types of licenses require City Council approval. 

Pawnshops and Secondhand Dealers must also complete a separate license and background application.

Peddlers, Solicitors and Temporary Merchants also require a separate license background application.

To apply for a Special Event Permit or a Film Permit,  please compete the applicable applications listed below. Please submit the Special Event Application  and all required information to the the Business Licensing Department no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled event to allow adequate time for various City Departments to review the details of the permit.  For Film Permits,  please submit the application and all the required information  to the Business Licensing Department seven days prior to filming. 
Those individuals that wish to rent out their home for fewer than 27 consecutive days must apply for a Vacation Home Rental Business 
License. Please complete the following application to apply for the business license. 
Every owner/operator of a vacation home/transient lodging business shall, in addition to any other license tax, pay room tax as required by the Business License Ordinance, Chapter 2 Taxes, Article A. Room Tax. Payment shall be paid to the city on the first day of the month and is delinquent after the tenth of the month. Tax is due on the total rental charge, which includes any amounts required to be paid by the occupant as a condition of the use or occupancy of the accommodation.  

Please contact the business license office to renew a business license. Business license renewals are not available on the City Web page; however, the renewal can be emailed the customer. 

Other Miscellaneous Business Forms

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Business License Highlights:

Please contact the Business License Office if you need further assistance or your question was not answered. Thank you once again for choosing Mesquite as the place to open and operate your business. We wish you success!

Business Licensing Contact Information

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