Cindi Delaney

Cindi Delaney has owned a small business in Mesquite since 2005, Delaney Studio, Photographer. Additionally, in 2005, she founded Mesquite Media Group.  This group, under Cindi’s guidance, went on to  found Mesquite's only locally owned and operated newspaper, Mesquite Local News, opened Mesquite's first and (to Cindi’s knowledge)  only internet radio station, and owned/operated the Arizona Rattler and Mesquite's first magazine, Mesquite Lifestyle.

She hosted and participated in a group of local radio shows:

  • Hardheads, co-hosted with Morris Workman. This program argued both local and national issues
  • Coffee with Cindi, co-hosted with Jean Watkins. This program highlighted local people and events of interest area residents.

Delaney is a charter member of the League of Women Voters of Mesquite.  In 2006, she helped Jean Watson, start Ms. Senior Mesquite Pageant in 2006 and served on the board for several years. She served as Event Chair for Exchange Club Mardi Gras Auction In 2010. Additionally, she served as Entertainment Chair and information officer for Gold Butte Days, 2012 and 2013.

She has been and still is involved in many community oriented service activities:

  • Fundraiser and supporter/volunteer for Salvation Army Mesquite
  • We Care For Animals
  • Mesquite Kids on Stage
  • Virgin Valley Theatre Group
  • Mesquite Arts Council
  • Past Teacher and speaker at Virgin Valley Artist Association
  • Teaching photography 

As the daughter of a self-proclaimed ‘gypsy’, she was raised in large and small towns across the southern United States.

She obtained her AA in Journalism in a continuing education program as young single mom through grants in Montgomery County Texas at Conroe Community College in 1982.

She married Ronnie Delaney in 1983, merging their two families into what has become one family of 7 children and 24 grandchildren. 

She first put her journalism skills to use at a small town daily at Jacksonville Tribune in Jacksonville, TX as a proofreader and in the obituary department in 1982. 

As her family was growing, she held a variety of jobs from waitress, bartender, nurses aide to photographer, journalist and even truck driver. 

Her husband, Ronnie was offered a job in Huntington Beach, CA in the 1980s recession, prompting a move to the West Coast. The family moved to Arlington, WA in 1988 to be closer to family.  They spent the next 15 years there raising their children. 

She became editor of Arlington Times 1989 and a couple years later the Marysville Globe. Often times editing and working for both publications. She opened her first independent publication the Stilly Valley Mirror in 1995.  

Cindi is an award winning writer, photographer and designer who has won awards for multiple publications. 

After their youngest child graduated high school, Cindi and Ronnie began a wonderful adventure as cross-country truck drivers in 1997.  Ronnie has been a professional driver since 1969, when he was in the US Army. Cindi got her CDL in 1999. 

Among their travels, they discovered Mesquite and fell in love with the laid back friendly people and lifestyle. Today they call Mesquite home and have become deeply enmeshed in the fabric of the community.

Contact Information:


Phone:  702-346-5295