Tax Information

Real Property Taxes

Mesquite has one of the lowest local tax rates in Clark County and Nevada,
 which enjoys one of the lowest state tax structures in the nation.

Clark County Treasurer  The County Treasurer's office bills and collects taxes on all real property in Clark County.  The office distributes the tax dollars to the various taxing entities including the state, county, school district, cities, libraries and other special districts.  For more information visit their web site or contact them at 702-455-4323.


Clark County Tax Rates  A tax district is an area defined within a county for taxing purposes. There are currently 3 tax districts in Mesquite (901,902, 903). The tax rate for all three Mesquite district is the same.  The tax rate for each district is based on the amount of monies budgeted for government-provided services, such as schools, police, fire, parks, libraries, and capital projects, such as flood control and transportation.


Clark County Assessor's Office  This site will allow you to determine which tax district you are located in.



  • Sales Tax on Food Purchases
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Inventory Tax
  • Foreign Trade Zone Tax