SW Gas Begins Installing Infrastructure

Southwest Gas has taken the first steps in what will be a multi-year, multi-phased project to bring natural gas to the City of Mesquite.

SW Gas Begins Installing Infrastructure

December 26, 2018

Mayor Litman said, “We are excited to see these improvements going in. This is just the beginning of a monumental step forward for us as a community. Having natural gas as another energy option in Mesquite is important to our residents and businesses.”

This first phase of the project will supply natural gas via a “virtual pipeline” to several local businesses. “Compressed natural gas (CNG) will be trucked in to Mesquite and distributed to commercial customers via a five-mile loop of pipeline, running from City Hall west to the intersection of Falcon Ridge and Pioneer Blvd., then east to Sandhill Blvd. and Mesquite Blvd.,” says James Stein, manager of Energy Solutions at Southwest Gas. “We expect the first commercial customers to be online in the first quarter of 2019.”

The process of bringing natural gas to the broader Mesquite community will take several years as more than 40 miles of pipeline and infrastructure needs to be built, connecting the city to a transmission pipeline located approximately 14 miles north of Interstate 15.

Questions about the Mesquite expansion project can be sent to Southwest Gas Energy Specialists at mesquiteoutreach@swgas.com or by calling 800-654-2765.

Southwest Gas Corporation provides safe and reliable natural gas service to over 2 million customers in Arizona, California and Nevada.

For more information about the City of Mesquite, find us on Facebook or Twitter at GoMesquiteNV or visit City Hall at 10 E. Mesquite Blvd.  City Hall is open Monday through Friday.


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