The Finance Department has the responsibility of maintaining sound financial stewardship for the City of Mesquite

Online Budget 2021-2022

Understanding the Finance Department Services

The Finance Department has the responsibility of maintaining sound financial stewardship for the City. This responsibility includes:

  • Providing accurate and timely financial information to the public, City Council, management, bondholders and other interested parties. This is published annually as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
  • Preparing the annual operating budget for the general fund, 20+ government funds as well as an enterprise fund.
  • Processing payroll on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Ensuring timely payment of vendor invoices semi-monthly.
  • Processing Accounts Receivable and cash receipting.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why was the Assessment District created?

Improvement Districts are created to fund public improvements such as roads, curbs, sidewalks, utilities, etc. These public improvements are funded from the proceeds of a bond issue sold by the municipality. All properties benefiting from these improvements are included in the District.


What are my assessment installment payments used for?

To repay the principal and interest on the bonds issued to finance the street, water and sewer improvements.


Who is responsible for payment?

Each assessment constitutes a lien on the property similar to a property tax lien and must be paid by the property owner.


How often are assessment installments billed?

Assessment installments are billed semi-annually. Assessment payments are due June 1 and December 1 each year until June 1, 2037. Late penalties for delinquent installments can be substantial. To avoid late penalties and potential foreclosure proceedings please pay the amount due prior to the due date. Late penalties accrue at the first of each month if payment is not yet received on or before the Due Date.


Can the assessment be paid in advance?

Yes, the assessment may be paid in full at any time. If interest is also paid to the next assessment installment payment date.


Is there a premium charged for prepaying my assessment?

Yes, the prepayment premium is 3% of the outstanding principal balance.


What happens if I sell my home?

The remaining assessment may be transferred to the new owner at the time of sale or paid off in advance.


Are there penalties for failure to pay/underpayment of assessment installments?

Yes, if an assessment payment is not received by the Due Date indicated on the payment coupon, a late penalty of 2% per month will be imposed. In addition, failure to pay an assessment installment when due may cause the whole amount of the outstanding assessment to become due and payable immediately as a result of the commencement of sale or foreclosure proceedings. All payments must be postmarked by the United States Post Office. Postmark must be on prior to the payment due date.


What about overpayments?

If an overpayment is received, the amount of the overpayment will be credited in the manner selected by the Owner on the payment coupon. If no selection is indicated, the overpayment will be applied in accordance with policy established by the City.


Is my assessment limited to the property I own?

Yes, the assessment levied on any property owner’s parcel is limited to that individual piece of property. As a property owner, you will never be liable for any other owner’s assessments.


Where do I make semi-annual payments?

Each billing period a payment coupon will be mailed to the owner of record which will include payment information.

Currently, all assessment payments should be mailed to:

City of Mesquite

PO Box 842095

Los Angeles, CA 90084-2095


Why is my bill mailed to Los Angeles CA?

In order to process the payments from the assessment payments the City has opened a secure lockbox with Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo’s processing center for the City is located in Los Angeles CA.


Who do I call for questions concerning my special assessment?

The City of Mesquite has outsourced the administration of the assessment district to Assessment Management Group. All calls are directed to them toll free at (800) 350-9523.