Victim Advocate

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As Victim Advocates, we realize anyone can be a victim of crime and we are here to assist throughout the prosecution process.  If a misdemeanor crime has been committed against you in the City of Mesquite, advocates are here to:

  • Notify you of upcoming court dates
  • Accompany you to court
  • Assist with requests for Protective Orders
  • Explain court proceedings
  • Connect you with various resources that may be of help to you

Brief Overview of the Court Process


  • Defendant is informed of the charges
  • Enters a plea of Guilty, Not Guilty or No Contest

A guilty or no contest plea may result in immediate sentencing


  • City Attorney typically offers a negotiation

Defendant accepts the negotiation and is sentenced; or

Defendant rejects the negotiation and proceeds with the trial

  • Victims and witnesses are subpoenaed to testify
  • Judge finds the defendant Guilty or Not Guilty


  • The sentence is determined by the Judge
  • The victim may be allowed to address the Judge to make a Victim Impact Statement

Aaron Baker
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Contact: Travis Anderson

Report non-emergency violations of No Contact Orders to the Mesquite Police Department at 702-346-6911.

Contact the Mesquite City Attorney’s Office regarding misdemeanors at (702) 346-8831 or contact the Clark County District Attorney’s Office Victim/Witness Assistance Center regarding felonies or gross misdemeanors at (702) 671-2525.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are my rights as a victim?

Please review the Victim’s Bill of Rights or contact our office to request a hard copy.


I’ve been subpoenaed to testify, but I don’t want to testify, what happens if I don’t show up to court?

The judge may find you in contempt of court and may issue a warrant for your arrest.


How can I get a protection order?

Call Mesquite Justice Court at (702)346-5298 for information or go to Family Court located at 601 N. Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV. For additional assistance contact the victim advocate in Mesquite at (702) 346-5244


How can I drop the charges?

You cannot drop the charges in a criminal case.