Public Works

The Public Works Department is dedicated to providing and maintaining quality infrastructure

Understanding Public Works

Capital Projects

Administration of construction projects such as:

  • Roads
  • City Buildings
  • Parks
  • Trails

For current bids please look under resources:

Development Map Criteria & Guidelines

Public Facility Maintenance

Street, Drainage & Streetlight Maintenance

  • Street Sweeping

Municipal Airport

Sanitation Services – (Sewer & Garbage)

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Flood Control

Forms and Documents

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Public Works is dedicated to keeping our streets clean and safe.

With limited staff the upkeep of street sweeping has been reduced, but we are committed to sweep all major Arterial streets at least once a month and all other Public streets on a quarterly basis.

Street sweeping beautifies Mesquite’s streets, parks, and community by removing unsightly litter and debris.  Our main goal of street sweeping is to maintain clean gutters for drainage run-off and reduce the amount of flooding during heavy rainfall and increase the operational efficiency of the City’s storm drain system.  Street sweeping also protects the environment by significantly reducing the amount of pollutants entering the City’s storm drain system.

Please remember it is not a normal function of the street sweeper to provide an avenue for all residents to clean their yards by blowing leaves and debris into the street for the street sweepers to clean up.

We would also like to remind everyone that basketball standards are not allowed within the Public right-of-ways within the City of Mesquite, which includes, but is not limited to streets, curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

During major rain events, we understand streets will have an increase with heavy debris; these events can cause some major damages and reduce the use of major streets. Our staff works hard to clean up unexpected disasters in a timely manner, if you notice an area in town has not been cleaned up please report it to our office at (702) 346-5237.

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