Community Source Water Protection Plan

Source Water Protection

Source water protection in Nevada is a voluntary program which strives to protect sources of drinking water by supporting local partnerships to develop community-driven strategies which can prevent the contamination of drinking water sources. A Community Source Water Protection Plan (CSWP Plan) unites local water purveyors, stakeholders, and the public as they embark on a long-term journey to prevent the pollution of community drinking water sources. A CSWP Plan can help local representatives manage land usage and acts as a proactive defense against potential “man-made” contamination in the vicinity of public water sources. Additionally, a CSWP Plan works as a planning tool to mitigate impacts from drought to maintain public drinking water supplies for generations to come. This CSWP Plan was developed for the only regulated Nevada public water system in the Lower Virgin River Valley, the Virgin Valley Water District (VVWD), to maintain drinking water quality and protect and conserve drinking water sources for generations to come.

CSWP Plan Goals

This CSWP Plan is a locally driven plan intended to facilitate cooperation and education between water purveyors, local and State agencies, industry, community leaders, and citizens to ensure the preservation, protection, and continued safety of public drinking water sources in the Lower Virgin River Valley. The Local Planning Team has established four plan goals, which will serve to guide the development and support the long-term vision and implementation of this community specific CSWP Plan.

Those goals are:

1. Identify the sources of, and potential risks to drinking water, and consider them in the local planning framework.

2. Ensure that clean and safe drinking water is available for future generations.

3. Integrate source water protection and conservation into local planning and zoning documents to ensure that the quality of water matches the goals of the community.

4. Educate the community about what is being accomplished to achieve source water protection and conservation.

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Lower Virgin River Valley Planning Team

Team Member                         Jurisdiction/Title                   

Natalie Anderson                    Virgin Valley Water District, Conservation Specialist

Travis Anderson, PE               City of Mesquite, Public Works Director

Jayson Andrus                        City of Mesquite, Fire Chief

Christopher Berkey                Nevada Rural Water Association

Kevin Brown                            Virgin Valley Water District, General Manager 

Aaron Bunker                          Virgin Valley Water District, Water Resource Manager

Dan Catron                              City of Mesquite, Senior Planner

Alison Cramer                         Resource Concepts, Inc., ISWPP Contractor

Steven Hal, PE                        Virgin Valley Water District, District Engineer 

Ryan Kammerer                     City of Mesquite, GIS Specialist

Ethan Mason                           NDEP Bureau of Safe Drinking Water, ISWPP Coordinator

Richard Secrist                       City of Mesquite, Development Services Director 

Erin Smith                               Resource Concepts, Inc., ISWPP Contractor 

Jill Sutherland, PE                 Resource Concepts, Inc., ISWPP Contractor

                                        COMMUNITY SOURCE WATER PROTECTION PLAN PARTNERS

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