Boxabl Casita Available for Viewing

Come see the Boxabl Casita Concept.

Boxabl Casita Available for Viewing

September 26, 2022

"On September 19th, at 5:00 am, a factory-built casita home was lifted off a flatbed truck and set up within 2 hours in the Mesquite Plaza on Mesquite Boulevard. It was manufactured by a company called Boxabl out of North Las Vegas using an automotive assembly line production system developed in partnership with Porsche Consulting.

Boxabl's concept is unique and their mission is to drastically reduce the cost of homeownership for everyone. They have brought the demo unit to Mesquite for residents to view until the second week of October. They are proposing a 20 acre proof of concept community with studios, plus one and two bedroom units."

For more information about Boxabl please visit  

Casita Boxabl Model

Galiano Tiramani - Boxabl Founder


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