City Hall Holiday Window Painting

VVHS Art Class Students Paint Holiday Greeting on City Hall Windows

City Hall Holiday Window Painting

November 23, 2022

Saturday, November 19th the VVHS Art Teacher Tyler Roylance, and his art students created and painted a wonderful Happy Holidays greeting on the City Hall windows. A huge thank you to all the students that participated and thank you to the students that showed up on Saturday to paint. They did an amazing job and were committed to paint even though it was a very cold and windy day.

Painters: Mohroash Noor, Brynton Stoker, Jaiden Paulsen, Olivia Bunker, Romulus Gagilano, Citlali Gutierrez, and Abigail Ramirez.

Art Teacher Tyler Roylance, students: Romulus Gagilano, Jaiden Paulsen, Citlali Gutierrez and Abigail Ramirez



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