City Hall Holiday Window Painting 2023

VVHS Art Class Students Paint Holiday Greeting on City Hall Windows-2023

City Hall Holiday Window Painting 2023

December 12, 2023

Saturday, November 18th, 2023 the VVHS Art Teacher Tyler Roylance, and his art students created and painted a wonderful Season's Greetings on the City Hall windows for the second year in a row. A huge thank you to all the students that participated and showed up on Saturday to paint. It broke my heart when the very next morning Mother Nature decided to have a 20 minute down pour, damaging several of the amazing paintings. Never fear, Mr. Roylance with a few helpers came out and did some clean-up and helped to restore most of the paintings. We truly appreciate the kids and their talent, and hope the weather decides to behave for the rest of the season.

This year's painters: Stephanie Arce Acosta, Abigail Ramirez, Citlal Gutierrez, Sasha Green, Elexa Green, Mahroash Noor, Eve Mercado, Olivia Bunker, Rosselyn Maldonando, Alexess Symonds, Grayson Thompson, and our two youngest - Joaquin Roylance & Gladsen Roylance. Thank you Mr. Roylance, Jane Benham, Julie Goodsell, Mr. & Mrs. Thompson for also lending a hand with the painting.


City Council Meeting December 12, 2023 - VV Art Teacher Tyler Roylance received an appreciation certificate from Nancy Hewett, City of Mesquite.



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