EMT Graduation - 2021-2022

CSN's EMT-Basic Course Graduation for VVHS 2021-2022

EMT Graduation - 2021-2022

May 11, 2022

Last night we honored the students and teacher of the College of Southern Nevada's EMT-Basic (Emergency Medical Technician) Course.  This course requires over 200 hours of instruction that has taken place at Virgin Valley High School during the 2021-2022 school year.  The students of this course were also required to do clinical hours outside of the course instruction time.  Part of their clinical hours was spent with Mesquite Fire Rescue working alongside EMTs and Paramedics gaining firsthand experience and knowledge of this service.  This has been a great partnership with the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), Virgin Valley High School(VVHS), and Mesquite Fire Rescue(MFR).  There were many others working behind the scene to make this course happen, some of them are Braiden Green and Darlene Montague with CSN, Principal Frei and Stephen Waite with VVHS, and Fire Chief Jayson Andrus and Captain Spencer Lewis with MFR.  There were many others that contributed to the success of this course including the families of the instructor and students and many others at all of the participating organizations.

CSN Lead Instructor: Melanie Robinson

VVHS Representative and Student: Katelyn Leavitt

Students: Javen Laub, Adrian Landeros, Briseida Gomez, Yanelly Cristina Partida-Melendrez, Vincento Piazza, Hana Iverson, Natalie Zarate, Estaban Gasca, Aranza Mendez


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