I-15 Accident 3/20/22

Major collision on I-15

I-15 Accident 3/20/22

March 21, 2022

On Sunday March 20th, 2022 a major collision took place heading southbound on I-15 at mile marker #117. We ended up with 13 patients from this accident (3 semis and 3 passenger cars). We were fortunate there were no fatalities.

  • 4 patients were transported by MFR to Mesa View
  • 1 patient was flown by Mercy Air 11
  • 8 patients denied care and transport
  • 3 patients had to be extricated from their car/semi.

Two other 911 calls occurred in Mesquite during this accident. One was handled by Beaver Dam FD and the other by off duty MFR personnel.

This is a reminder to drive safe out there, we are so grateful we had no fatal losses during this accident.

For the PDF version of the press release click HERE.


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