Introducing Donna Schorr

Donna is a high intensity fitness and yoga instructor associated with the Mesquite Athletics and Leisure Service Department.

Introducing Donna Schorr

December 28, 2021

My fitness career began in 1984, teaching what I now call the "beat me up" kind if fitness: high impact dance aerobics, boot camps, running clubs. By the early 90s I was starting to experience injuries and sought out yoga to complement what I was doing. Back then there was no google or online ANYTHING, so one just had to show up at a studio and hope to be able to keep up with whatever was being taught. Yoga wasn't offered at fitness facilities, it was a private studio environment, very strict and disciplined. "Inclusion" was not a word that anyone used back then, and in fact yoga was very exclusionary.....almost like a private club that was only available to the very strong, very flexible clientele. I bounced around and was exposed to Ashtanga, Bikram, and some Hatha practices, and ultimately formed strong enough opinions about it that I started developing my own practice at home. By 2006 I was teaching my own version of what I call "fitness yoga" in the fitness facilities that I was already teaching in, and it became the highlight of my week. I've logged over 2000 hours of yoga instruction since then, it has been a wonderful journey of learning and teaching.

The 8 limbs of classic yoga includes Asana, which is the physical portion of yoga. The 8 limbs are 1. Yama · 2. Niyama · 3. Asana · 4. Pranayama · 5. Pratyahara · 6. Dharana · 7. Dhyana · 8. Samadhi, which include breath work, mediation, and karmic rules for living. Depending on what an instructor incorporates, the spectrum can be from slow and meditative to energetic and intense. My practice focuses on Asana and Pranayama (breath),  taught with a Vinyasa style class which means that we CONNECT the breath to the movement. The first 30-40 minutes of class are generally standing and generate heat, and the last portion of class is where we take advantage of that heat to hold the stretches for longer periods of time, and go deeper into the pose. All levels are welcome, there is no judgment or competition, we all come to the mat with what we have to offer that day.  There is usually laughter in my class, it's a safe place to get your euphoria on!

PowerCycle Spin Classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays @ 9am at the Jimmie Hughes Campus.

Address: 150 N. Yucca St. Building #5 Suite #37

PowerVinyasa Yoga will occur once a week on Saturday @ 10:30am.

Yoga Location: 100 W. Old Mill Rd (Mesquite Rec Center Dance Room)

Prices and more info will be displayed on the registration page for quick access click HERE.


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