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Mesquite Nevada

January 1, 2018

Message from the Mayor

As we approach the mid-point of 2018, I am more optimistic than ever about our beautiful city.  I know this year will be an exciting one as we move forward.

Yes, it’s been a struggle these past few years.  We went from unprecedented growth to layoffs, business closings, home foreclosures and a population drop.  We hit bottom and are now climbing back up quickly. We are currently the fastest growing city in Nevada and should remain in a high growth mode for the near future.  Along with being named the fastest growing, we have been named the second safest city in the state also.  That’s great news!  We are well positioned to handle our increased growth with our outstanding infrastructure, well-managed city government and new business coming in to provide us with badly needed tax dollars and employment.

Exit 118 on the I-15 is complete and done in record time.  The exit is the talk of the state and the envy of many.

The Rising Star Sports Ranch is up and running smoothly.  Catering to record crowds of young athletes and their families.  Sun City is building at a record pace as well as other new developments coming on line.

Our new library is slated to open at the end of May and will offer much more than our old one.  The REV group is constructing a large state of the art service center for motor homes that will employ many high skilled workers.  333 Eagles Landing will be the first new travel plaza constructed in the area and is badly needed.  Wendy’s will be onsite.

The second building of Beehive Homes Assisted Living is nearly completed and will be occupied shortly. It looks great. There is another new fifty-four unit assisted living facility with a memory unit being planned by another company that has selected Mesquite for its growth.  

I am no longer as cautious as I have been in the past.  I strongly believe that the up’s and downs of the past are behind us, at least for now.  We still need to carefully approach each and every promised development.  We need to vet them carefully, always keeping the betterment of our community at the forefront.

My goal as mayor in the coming years is to keep Mesquite a wholesome community that will keep as well as bring new young and old residents to us.  We must never forget the importance of our residents of all ages.  I am proud of Mesquite and hope all our visitors and residents feel the same way.  Working together will insure a bright future for all of us.


Mayor Al Litman


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