Swim Team Takes the Gold

Mesquite Manta Rays Win Team Swim Championship

Swim Team Takes the Gold

August 10, 2018

The Mesquite Manta Rays won the Tri-State Swim Team Championships at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah on Saturday, August 4.

Team Scores

2,301.00 City of Mesquite Manta Rays

​1,950.50 Dixie State University Narwhals

1,279.50 City of Hurricane Tiger Sharks

​1,073.00 City of Fredonia Killer Whales

Nicholas Montoya, Athletics and Leisure Services Director said, "This is a great accomplishment for the youth, coaches and the community. It is a reflection of the dedication of the youth of the valley and the great coaching they get from the staff. We are extremely proud of the program, youth, coaches and the community support over the years."

The swim program is a competitive level swim team program that focuses on teaching and promoting good sportsmanship, encourages self-esteem and team work. The program focuses on developing strong swimming strokes and improving personal times and skills.

​Congratulations to the Manta Rays!



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