Code Enforcement FAQs

Answers to common questions about Mesquite's Code Enforcement


Bruce Whisenhunt
CERT Program Director CERT
Phone:(702) 275-8929

Tyler Black
CERT Team Leader
City of Mesquite
Fire & Rescue
Phone:(702) 305-1081

Meetings Held

6:00 pm, 1st MONDAY of the month

Meetings are held at Fire Station 3

3 John Deere Drive

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  • Contact Mesquite City Hall for plot information at 702-346-5295.
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Can I have a yard/garage sale?

Yes, each residence is limited to 4 garage sales per calendar year and each lasting no more than two consecutive days.


Can I use an A‐frame sign to advertise?

A‐frame signs for any purpose are not permitted in the city.


Is a business license required to operate a business from my home?

Yes, a business license is required to operate a business from your home. You must comply with the performance standards outlined in the Mesquite Municipal Code section 9-8A-4, prior to the issuance of the business license. The fee for a home occupation business license is $50.00; this fee is charged in addition to the business license fee and the $35.00 application fee.


How do I report a potential violation?

If you suspect there is a code violation, you may contact  the Development Services staff and report a potential violation. A case will be opened and appropriately investigated. If a violation is found to exist, the property owner will be contacted and instructed to comply with code requirements.


Who turned me in?

The source of a complaint must remain confidential because it may result in a criminal citation. We also want the general public to feel comfortable reporting a potential violation, without fear of retaliation.


Why are you picking on me? I have lived in Mesquite for many years. I do a lot for the community.

Municipal codes are written for everyone to follow, and not to judge ones character.  The codes equally apply to everyone.  We always appreciate anyone who is out to better the community, but length of residence, financial hardship or performing good deeds for the City does not excuse anyone from code requirements.  To be effective, codes must be equally and fairly enforced for all properties, residents and business owners.


The violation existed before I bought the property. Why am I responsible for clearing the violation?

Violations run with the property, not with the person who created the violation.  If you purchased a property that has violations, you are responsible for abating the problem.


How much time do I have to clear the violations?

The Development Services staff will work with you to establish a time frame for compliance that meets the requirements of the code. Depending on the nature of the violation, property owners typically have 10‐30 days to comply.


I have a few weeds on my property. Why did I receive a Courtesy Notice?

  • Weeds create a safety and fire hazard.  In addition, weeds harbor unwanted pests
  • Weeds on developed property cannot be in excess of 4 inches
  • Weeds on undeveloped property cannot be in excess of 12 inches

I live in a single‐family residence, does it require landscaping?

Yes, front yards require landscaping extending across the full width of the lot and along the front property line


What is an inoperable vehicle?

A vehicle is considered inoperable, junked or abandoned, whenever one or more of the following characteristics exists:

  • It is not currently registered
  • It is wrecked
  • It is partially dismantled or missing an engine, transmission or other major and visible parts
  • It is incapable of functioning as a vehicle in its present state
  • It has one or more flat tires or shows other signs that it cannot be driven under its own power
  • It is used to store auto parts, blankets, yard tools or other items
  • Vegetation or debris is collected underneath

Can I keep an inoperable vehicle on my property?

Inoperable or unregistered vehicles may be kept inside of an enclosed area out of public view


I am selling an inoperable vehicle, can I keep it on my property?

It does not matter if you’re selling the car or not.  Vehicles for sale are not exempt


My vehicle is a classic/antique. Can’t I keep it on my property, even though it is not operable?

Everyone’s interpretation of classic or antique is different.  Age, collectability, rarity or perceived sentimental value does not exempt an inoperable vehicle from the regulations. Classic or antique vehicles are still required to be operable & have current registration


My cousin is out of town and he will be back in a month or two, can I keep his inoperable vehicle here until he returns?

Residential properties are not intended to be long‐term vehicle storage or parking areas.   Inoperable vehicles left behind by out of town owners are not exempt from regulations.


My vehicle is registered, but I was still asked to get rid of it. Why?

Lack of registration is one criteria used to determine if a vehicle is “inoperable”.  A vehicle may be registered, but if it is dismantled, on blocks, ramps or sitting on a flat tire it is still considered inoperable


I am repairing vehicles at my house, why can’t I do that?

City zoning regulations do not permit vehicle repair businesses in residential neighborhoods. You can repair your own vehicle, if it is currently registered and operable, or if it is a project/classic care and shows consistent progress towards full repair and drivability.


I want to get rid of an inoperable vehicle. What can I do?

If a vehicle has value from its parts, contact a licensed private motor vehicle wrecking facility.  Some commercial wrecking facilities will buy vehicles that have marketable parts.  If the vehicle’s value is low, they may haul it away free in exchange for its parts


There is a vehicle on my property and it is not mine? What can I do?

As a property owner, you are responsible for the condition of your property.  You have the right to call a towing company and ask for a “removal tow”, to pull a vehicle that you do not own off your property.  Any cost for a “removal tow” is done at the vehicle owner’s expense


Can I store some of my belongings in my front yard?

Open storage is prohibited in front yards or porches of a residential property


Can I have a yard/garage sale sign?

Yes, they may be displayed for 48 hours in a seven day period and they cannot exceed 4 square feet in area.  Signs cannot be placed on City property, street lights, utility poles and medians.  Signs placed on private property require permission of the property owner.


I am selling my house, can I put up a “For Sale by Owner” sign?

Yes, it must be placed on the property and cannot exceed 4 square feet in area


There is a dumpster near my home. Can I dump my garbage in it?

It is unlawful for any person to throw, or cause to be thrown or deposited any garbage, rubbish or debris in the garbage receptacle of another property owner.

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