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The City of Mesquite Animal Shelter is open for adoptions from 11 am to 1 pm, Monday through Saturday, Sunday adoptions are 1 pm to 3 pm. Please call 702-346-7415 during those hours to speak to the front desk. The Animal Control Manager Joe Macias, and Animal Control Officers Walter Dalton, Michael Wilde and Alisia Leavitt may be reached by phone from 6am until 3:30 pm at 702-346-5268. There is voice mail to leave a message if they are unavailable.

The adoption fee for animals at the City of Mesquite Animal Shelter is $40 for cats and $60 for dogs (cash or check only). This fee includes spay/neuter, 1 year rabies shot, and Mesquite residents only receive 1 year city Pet Licenses. The adoption form is easily filled out, the fee paid and, if the animal is altered, you may take the animal home at that time. If the animal needs to be altered, an appointment is made at the local vet (usually within 1 week). You may fill out the paperwork and pick the animal up from the vet’s office. If the animal is too young to be altered, you may take them home and we will follow up on the altering of the animal. If you would like to donate to the animals, please send your donation to Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter, 695 Mayan Circle, Mesquite, NV 89027. This donation will directly benefit shelter animals; donations to the City of Mesquite go into the general fund.

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Pet Licenses

Pet Licenses can be purchased at local vet clinics and the City Animal Shelter for a fee of six dollars ($6.00) for each neutered animal.

A current Proof of Rabies Vaccination and proof of sterilization is required to license each pet.

Pet Licenses are good for one calendar year and must be renewed after January 1st of each year. A current Proof of Rabies Vaccination must be presented each time.

For additional information about pet licensing, please contact the Animal Shelter.

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